Chris Montan
Literally will only stop here for candy when on one of my bi-annual Duluth trips. The handcrafted candies are the best and the selection of packaged candy is bar none. Of course the customer service is just as sweet as all of the delicious goodies!
Gennia Provencher
Fabulous homemade candies and old favorite sweets. The window shopping was very easy and customer service top notch!
Kristin Iverson
Cutest little candy shop. We love walking over from our hotel and letting the kids pick out a treat.
Deepak Sethi
Nice little local candy store by lake superior. Something for everyone, from truffles to fudge to rock candies. Staff is fairly friendly!
Bosco Paul
If you like candy, this is the place to be...... A lot of variety. Kids will enjoy. The staff are friendly and very helpful if you have any questions or need allergy information. Some of the truffles may be on the expensive side, please check price before billing (might save you some trouble). They have got every flavour of candy available. Kids will love this place so will everyone with a sugar tooth.
Tina B.
Everything we tried here was amazing - sponge candy, peppermint patty, and peperitas truffle. It is a bit expensive, but well worth the splurge!
Kelly R.
OMFG! The best!!!!!!!! The motherloving best. Everything they make is out of this world. And they sell other little silly candies that are cute and/or funny. I don't think it's overpriced, like the other reviewer. You're paying slighly more because you're not picking up a box of factory-made crap from Walgreens. My all-time fave of the past 20 years (since I was 6 or so) is the dark chocolate covered cherry.OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM